Our Pledge to Charity

BEST EVER is proud to partner with The Companions in Courage Foundation (CIC16), a charity founded by NHL Hall of Famer Pat LaFontaine to connect hospitalized children with their family, friends, and heroes through building interactive playrooms in hospitals. 

To show our dedication to this important cause, we have pledged to donate 2% of our pre-tax Revenue to CIC16.

When it comes to living your BEST EVER, donating to a charity like The Companions in Courage Foundation connects us to positively impact the world while helping us to understand the challenges others face and cultivating a greater sense of gratitude.

About CIC16

Companions in Courage

No child in the fight for life or health should ever have to go through it alone. The Companions in Courage Foundation aims to give courage, friendship, compassion and support to those children and families who are overcoming illness and life-threatening obstacles.

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